1961 Girl Kicks Off her 50th Year with 365 Days of Celebration!

1 01 2011

Here's to a fantastic 2011!

Happy New Year and welcome to my first post on 1961 Girl!

On this first day of Jan 2011, I begin celebrating 50 years of this magical journey we call ‘Life’.

Today and for the next 365 days I will be committing to post every day, offering my gratitude for the opportunities that life has brought me and for the abundance that continues to flow into my life. Each day I will share a different cause for celebration, giving me an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to my friends, my loved ones and the universe for making this world such a special place.

And what an amazing 50 year journey it has been thus far. Sure, there have been many ups and downs. Some painful lessons thrown my way…and not always learnt, or even welcomed…all forming part of life’s rich tapestry. Experiences that have molded me into the person I am today.

I am blessed with a wonderful supportive family, a beautiful daughter and fantastic friends; all of whom mean the world to me and make my life complete. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and to follow my dreams. I now live in a beautiful location on the banks of the River Thames in Surrey; in a tiny, but perfect, little home which I had great fun re-furbishing last year to create a wonderful restful space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I look out of my window onto an ever changing water scene and bear witness to the lives of those drawn to spend their time on, in, or just near the water. From the beautiful colourful birds spending their days hunting, mating, nesting…and occasionally squabbling; to the fabulous boats sailing past with their proud owners at the helm giving me a cheery wave as they pass by. Every minute of the day and night, the scene is constantly changing and it would be so easy to do nothing except sit and stare out of the window all day, watching in fascination as life unfolds before me.

I am constantly in awe of the magnificence of life and even the simple things hold great fascination. I often feel like a kid in a candy shop who cannot decide which exciting sweet sensation to choose next. I want to experience so much this year that I’m beginning to realise that 365 days may be far too short to fit it all in!  

The next few weeks will be spent dreaming and planning all the things I want to do during this special year; from lots of overseas travel, to launching my new business and nurturing its successful growth over the next twelve months; to mastering WordPress and getting the hang of this blogging business!

After bringing in the New Year in the company of some good friends earlier this morning; today I will be raising another glass of bubbly to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to those who have shared my journey to date and to those I have yet to meet along the way.

Bless you all xxx

My riverside home on the Thames!

The river through the mirror




One response

2 02 2011

Great blog concept, Julie! Similar to you, I’m blogging my 25th year right now (twentyfifthyear.wordpress.com). How inspiring that you’re posting every day, I’m finding that quite hard.

Go you! And happy 50th year!

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