A Hidden Gift in Every Situation…

2 01 2011

When my hand writing began to deteriorate two years ago, to the extent that I could barely hold a pen, let alone write; my doctor referred me to see a neurologist.

I was totally shocked when he announced that I was suffering from an ‘incurable’ condition called Dystonia; a malfunction of the part of the brain which controls different muscle groups. 

In my case, every time I try to grip a small object, such as a pen, the muscles in my hands go into a painful spasm and I am unable to maintain control over these muscles.  

Like many people, I had never heard of the condition, even though there are estimated to be more than 70,000 Dystonia; sufferers in the UK alone.

Unbelievably, my lovely brother had been suffering from the same condition for the previous five years; but as he had been referring to it by a different name, I hadn’t made the connection. In his case, the condition affects his neck muscles and sadly. his head is now twisted to one side, causing him untold pain and discomfort.

In retrospect, I felt very guilty that I knew so little about his condition that it had never occurred to me that my hand problems were originating from the same source.

I have had to give up my previous work within the interior design/decorating business as this involved a high standard of hand writing/drawing skills. These days, the things I took for granted, such as filling out an application form, writing a birthday card, or performing simple every day manual tasks; have all become awkward, painful and time consuming challenges.

My greatest wish this year is to find a therapist or doctor who is doing research into different ways to help the brain to rewire its damaged connections by using natural forms of repetitive exercises and positive thinking. I believe in the power of the body/mind link and I know that by creating a positive vision of my healing process combined with a healthy lifestyle, I can greatly assist my body with its own healing.

I am beginning to accept my condition and by doing so I have also come to recognise the gifts contained within the situation. As I can no longer perform my previous work, I have been forced to take a step back to explore what I want to do with my life and to consider the type of work I can do within my current physical limitations.

I have been given the gift of time…time to learn new skills, such as social networking for future business and personal use; time to listen to my intuition and to follow my heart; time to discover new talents and new ways of working; time to learn how to write a blog; time to network; time to explore creative ideas; and time to just ‘be’.

These are such valuable gifts and I feel really so blessed to have been given the wonderful opportunity of having the time and space in my life to begin creating a new business. A venture which I hope will bring much joy and inspiration to other people in the future.

So today, I celebrate the amazing gifts that can be discovered hidden inside every situation; no matter how bad it first appears. We just have to be prepared to look closely and with enough of an open mind to see the unlimited possibilities that will be revealed to us.




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