Seven Steps to Realising Our Dreams

3 01 2011

I’ve almost finished reading (for the second time) the wonderful little book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. It is a simple, yet profound, tale of listening to our hearts, taking action and following our dreams towards our destiny and the treasure that awaits us there.

It has got me to thinking how rarely I take the time to listen to my heart’s desire. Yesterday I talked about having the gift of time and this is something that I am blessed with right now. And even though I do take time most days to dream, I’ve realised that rarely do I really listen to my heart, let alone take any action as I find myself caught up in general ‘stuff’ of everyday life.

This morning I rose early with the intention of writing this blog. It is now nearly lunchtime and I have only just sat down to write! The morning has been spent talking with friends, reading emails, checking out FaceBook, doing the housework, watching a spot of TV, listening to music, cooking breakfast, catching up with a neighbour, feeding the swans and watching the rowers sail past my window!

Paulo explains how taking action is the most important step and I recognise just how often I procrastinate and do anything except what I need to do to begin making my dreams a reality. I recognise from past experience that whenever I’ve taken those first steps, the universe has stepped in to support me every step of the way towards my destination. Dreams will just remain dreams until we take action.

Seven Steps to Realising Our Dreams

●        Take time each day to dream

●        Listen to our heart’s desire

●        Take the first steps to making our dream a reality

●        Recognise that the universe is supporting us

●        Be aware of the signs – or omens – guiding us towards our destination

●        Trust that no matter how many detours we encounter, we will be guided back towards our true path

●        Know that our treasure is waiting for us to find it

365 Days of Celebration – Day 3

Today I celebrate the knowledge that I have all that I need to my dreams come true.




4 responses

3 01 2011
Jean Paul

That sounds like one of my mornings Julie (or one of my evenings, after work) when I should be getting on with [action]…. Procrastination Rules (well, it will tomorrow…)

I’m looking forward to hearing about your dreams.

4 01 2011

Hi JP.

Procrastination is certainly a ‘biggie’ for me. Prioritising is another of my challenges.

And as for my dreams. I will be sharing some of these as my blog develops. Got to have something to write about when I run out of other ideas!

28 01 2011
Jenny Cutler


have you discovered Ken Robinson – and read Element? check out youtube. he’s great to listen to and a master public speaker and educator – great ways to help people find their purpose, or their next purpose? Jenny

28 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Jenny.

I have just checked out Ken Robinson on YouTube. He is brilliant!!! I will be getting a copy of his book asap and would love for him to be one of my future speakers…can you make an intro please???

Juls x

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