Needs V Wants

4 01 2011

I was recently asked what I really wanted in my life.

Initially I came up with the usual material based replies;

●        Win at least a million on the lottery

●        A Mercedes Sports car

●        A luxury holiday home where I can spend the winters in warmer climes

●        Regular beauty treatments

●        A trip on the Rocky Mountaineer across the wilds of Canada

●        Designer handbag, shoes & sunglasses

●        A luxury cruise around the shores of Turkey

Would the achievement of the above make me happy? Yes – briefly. Well maybe more than briefly with some of the items on my list! However, human nature being the way it is, we are rarely satisfied for long and once the pleasure of success begins to fade, we begin looking towards our next achievement.

Mercedes SLR Roadster - Love at First Sight!

After creating my shopping list of wants, I began to consider what was really important to me. As I began writing, I realised that my true My Top Ten is really more of a list of needs rather than wants.

I recognise that my life will function perfectly well without any of my material wants being met. However, if I ignore my needs, my life will cease to function efficiently and I will move away from being in the flow of life.

My Top Ten Desires for a Wonderful Life

●        Improved health and well being

●        Happiness

●        Time to spend with my loved ones

●        Abundance in all areas of my life

●        Financial independence

●        Sense of purpose

●        Contentment

●        Opportunities to contribute to others

●        Acceptance


All good stuff and I was pretty pleased with my list until I asked myself this question; ‘If these desires are so important to me, when was the last time I took action in any of these areas to ensure that I was moving towards the meeting of these needs?’

So actually…when was it? Sure, I’ve thought about it…I do a lot of thinking(!)…and writing…but taking some action, well now there’s a thought!

So I’ve just been back through my list and given each subject a colour coding. Starting tonight, I am going to list every small task I’ve undertaken during the course of the day and mark each one with the appropriate colour if the action I have made is related to any of my Top Ten.

After a week of this exercise, I will begin to see how my time is really being spent and how much of it is actually being spent on the areas of my life that I consider to be the most important. If the majority of my time is not being spent on nurturing these areas, then why not? How much time am I wasting on actions that move me away from meeting my needs, rather than towards them?

I do question whether I’m giving myself yet another distraction by making this commitment, particularly as finding the time to blog on a daily basis is becoming somewhat of a challenge. Perhaps I need to add another mantra to my life -‘focus and discipline’, ‘focus and discipline’, ‘focus and discipline’…

Day 4 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I am celebrating how blessed I am to have the time to procrastinate! I’m off to raise a glass of (liquor) coffee to toast my good fortune and to ponder my next task…




2 responses

5 01 2011
Jean Paul

Julie, I loved the little insert – “Contentment is not the fulfilment of what you want, but the realisation of how much you already have.” It’s SO easy to forget that, isn’t it?

5 01 2011

Hi JP. Yes, it is very easy to forget just how much we already have. When we honestly take stock of the abundance in our lives, our cups are truely runneth over. Anything that offers us more than just meeting our basic needs is the icing on the cake. We are very blessed. xxx

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