Mouse Party

6 01 2011

So that's how he did it...entry by parachute...mystery solved!

I am the first to recognise the basic need for God’s creatures to create a place to call ‘home’.

A place where one can feel safe and supported away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Even so, I wish the brave little mouse had chosen to build its nest somewhere other than my cutlery drawer!

I know that we’ve just been through a cold spell and I understand that it was attracted towards the warmth; but please, next time could it find somewhere else to create its new home!

Weeks ago I had been awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of scratching. After dragging myself out of bed to examine the source of the noise, I couldn’t see how any creature could possibly have gained access into my home.

However, I was obviously discounting the ingenuity of the resilient little house mouse. After gnawing its way through one of the air vents, it had proceeded to find a way into my cutlery drawer where it nested comfortably during the Christmas period while the house was empty.

Even though I’ve been back for the past few days, I only discovered the evidence last night in the form of piles of little black droppings and finely chewed pieces of kitchen roll fashioned into a very soft and comfortable little bed nestled between the rolling pin and the can opener!

What intrigues me is how the mouse managed to get into the drawer in the first place as there is no obvious entry point. And how on earth did such a small creature manage to remove sheets of kitchen roll from its holder on the opposite side of the kitchen; carry the paper across the room and drag it up into the top drawer of the kitchen unit? 

There must have been quite a ‘Mouse Party’ going on here over Christmas, with lots of fetching and carrying by a cheeky little mouse with a great deal of focus and determination. Rather admirable in fact!

The only slight concern is how I missed seeing the clues as my cutlery drawer is in constant use. Does this mean that I have been stirring mouse droppings into my morning coffee for the past few days???

Clearing out the contents of my kitchen drawers in an effort to find the intruder, I found myself being slightly disappointed to find that my univited guest was no longer in residence.

I have to confess to having a fondness for the bravery of these furry little creatures. Over the years, I have saved many from the jaws… and claws…of some of our feline friends who think it great sport to terrorise these little souls to death.

I hope it enjoyed its fun filled Christmas and has now found a more suitable place to build a new nest to call ‘home’!

Day 6 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate having the pleasure of somewhere that I can call ‘home’ after spending five unsettled years moving from place to place almost as frequently as my little furry friend. Home is certainly where the heart is.




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