Follow Your Dreams

7 01 2011

When I began writing my blog a week ago, my intention was to find a different reason to celebrate life every day for the following 365 days.

I’ve noticed that as my writing is beginning to evolve, my blog appears to transforming into a diary of the lessons I’ve learnt over the past 50 years!

One of the most important lessons I have learnt is to value and hold onto my dreams, no matter how much others’ may doubt the likelihood of these coming true. I’ve also learnt to keep my own counsel and to hold my most precious dreams close to my heart.

I do have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve at times and sharing my dreams with other people in the past hasn’t always resulted in positive feedback. These dreams meant a great deal to me and by putting them ‘out there’, I subjecting them to others’ doubt, criticism and negativity which only served to diminish or tarnish them in some way.

Eighteen months ago I was living life as a bit of a nomad having recently returned from travelling around Asia, prior to which I had been living in the Middle East for the past three years. No longer having a permanent base in the UK, I was relying on friends and family to put a roof over my head.

As grateful as I was for their loving support, I was tired of living out of a suitcase and having no place to call ‘home’. Not sure which way to go next, I consulted a life coach with a view to helping me move forward.

It had always been my dream to live next to the river and this dream had become even stronger since my return to the UK. Stating my intention to realise my dream within the next six months, my coach asked how on earth I thought I was going to get from where I was (no home, no job, and no money) to where I wanted to go within such a short space of time and without the required resources.

I agreed that it was somewhat of a tall order and that all I had to work with was a powerful dream which was building in its intensity. I left my coaching session with a vision of where I wanted to go, but no map of how I was going to get there within the required timeframe.

The following day synchronicity stepped when I was introduced to lady who was looking for someone to house sit whilst her property was on the market. Knowing that the process was likely to take at least three months, I jumped at the chance of having a permanent base for the next few months whilst I got back on my feet.

Two days later, my coach called and asked whether I would be interested in a six month contract working for a company just a few miles away from my new place. I was delighted as in the space of two days; I had somewhere to live rent free and a new job with a regular income.

My journey to work each day took me along the river road and every morning I would slow the car down to gaze at the river and say a few words to reinforce my intention to be living there very soon.

The house sold pretty quickly and I had to move into shared accommodation for a short time. Even though I was working and saving money, I still had no idea how I was going to afford to realise my dream of living on the river as the more beautiful the location, the more expensive the rent was likely to be.

A few weeks later I was introduced to what seemed at first glance to be a glorified caravan park situated on the banks of the River Thames. It turned out to be a mobile home site, otherwise known as ‘residential park homes’.

Living in a ‘caravan’ certainly hadn’t been part of my vision; however, I agreed to take a look around on a very cold and blustery February morning accompanied by some friends for moral support.

Being ushered into a very sad, tired and run down little place with no heating and a smell of rising damp, my friend looked at me as though I’d completely taken leave of my senses to contemplate living in such conditions.

By this point however, I had spotted the river through the window and there was no turning back! The water was so close; it was like being on a houseboat. Without a shadow of doubt, I knew it was love at first sight!

I was so enamored; I didn’t really register the condition of the unit and the amount of work I would be taking on to make it habitable. I just sensed that it desperately needed some TLC (and major refurbishment) and that with enough time and patience, I would be able to create a beautiful little home.

Due to its poor condition, I was able to negotiate a good deal with the landlord as despite its amazing location he had been having trouble finding a tenant who was crazy enough to take on such a project.

Through a series of synchronicities, fuelled by the strength of my vision; six months ago what seemed like an impossible dream had now come true.

It’s nearly a year since I moved in and though it hasn’t been an easy journey, it has been worth the investment. I continue to be amazed at how everything came together in support of my dream and I’ve learnt that just because we don’t always know the ‘how’s’; with enough faith and belief in the power of our visions, any dream can come true.

Day 7 – 365 Days of Celebration


Today I celebrate the joy of living my dream!




6 responses

7 01 2011
Kay Newton

Julie, thank you for this post. I agree wholeheartedly that you have to hold onto your dreams. Sometimes sharing them helps you keep focused to achieve them, sometimes keeping them close to your heart is the best place. I would love to see a photo of the river!

7 01 2011

Hello Kay.

Thank you for your lovely comments. It is great to have some feedback and to know that people are actually reading my daily mutterings! As for seeing some photos of the river, I can do better than this as my little home will be featured this month on ITV’s new series of ‘May the Best House Win’ – 2pm weekdays staring next Monday 10th Jan I am waiting for them to confirm the date of my show and will post details on my blog once these are available. In the meantime, there are couple of photos on my first blog

Thanks again for your interest and I wish you a very happy and successul 2011 in pursuit of YOUR dreams x

7 01 2011
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7 01 2011

Hello and thank you for your support. I am new to this blogging lark and I really value comments from other experienced bloggers. It rather humbling to know that people are prepared to take the time to read my posts and it means a great deal to me. Thank you…and I’ll be off to read your blog now! Julie x

8 01 2011
Leslie Bland

Excellent blog that will help a lot of people. We all have dreams but sadly do not always follow them. x

8 01 2011

Thank you Leslie. Yes it is sad when we choose not to follow our dreams for when we do so we are being true to our ourselves and each other.

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