It’s Not About the Money – It’s About the Experience!

9 01 2011

The pursuit of money for its own sake almost always means that we have been distracted from what it is that we really want.

It isn’t the money itself that we desire. It is the experience that having money will buy. Money is not an end in itself. It is energy and a means of exchange.

It enables us to feel an emotion. Whether this is relief from knowing that we can afford to pay this month’s rent, or seeing the joy on a child’s face when they tear open their presents on Christmas Day.

Ever since I was a young girl I’d had a vision of driving around town in a sporty little topless number! However, my funds didn’t run quite that far. In fact they were very limited and I had no idea how I was going to be able to afford any type of car, let alone my dream sports car.

I sat down and allowed myself to dream about what this car would mean to me. I connected with the emotion I wanted to feel from the actual driving experience and how I would feel sitting behind the wheel of my new car.

It sounds corny, but I wanted to experience the sun on my face and the wind blowing through my hair. I wanted to feel closer to the elements as I drove through the countryside. I wanted to experience the sense of freedom and the ‘on holiday’ feeling that only an open top car would give me.

Granted, a push bike would have met many of these needs, but it wouldn’t have been so handy when it came to the weekly supermarket shop!

I had learnt that the key to attracting our desires is to first love what we already have and to accept where we are in life right now. Then we can focus on creating positive emotion around whatever it is that we want to attract into our lives by concentrating on the desired experience.

Once I had identified the experience that I wanted and was feeling enough positive emotion around this desire, I trusted that the universe would step in to assist me.

Beginning my search through the ‘for sale’ ads in earnest, I quickly became despondent when I realised that my shortfall was at least £1,000 less than the money I required to purchase even the most basic older model of the car I wanted.

I was very disappointed as I had created an attachment to the experience and it was the dashing of these expectations that hurt, not so much the fact that I didn’t have enough money.

Even though I had made little progress in my search, I continued to hold onto my dream and carried on searching the market on the off-chance that someone was offering a ‘bargain’ in exchange for a quick sale. By holding onto my dream and not giving up, synchronicity eventually stepped in and led me to where I needed to go.

I had been looking through the ‘for sale’ ads for the umpteenth time and saw an advert for a little red sports car that I had seen advertised the previous week for £1,000 more. Thinking that the lower figure must have been a misprint, I gave the seller a call and he said that as he had a few cars to shift, he’d decided to reduce the price of this particular one by £1,000 for a quick sale!

I worked hard to contain my excitement in case the car turned out to be an old wreck, or that the seller was a con man with no qualms about disappearing with my savings. But I needn’t have worried, as turning into the driveway of the most beautiful house, the electric garage doors opened to reveal the gleaming red sports car of my dreams.

I was so excited I wanted to pinch myself. The car was at least 15 years old and yet it looked as though it had just come out of the car showroom.

 I could hardly believe my luck. I took her out for a test drive and just knew that she was ‘the one’.

We are still together and I love my little sports car as much today as the first day I saw her. I still get a real buzz whenever the sun is shining, knowing that I can put the roof down, turn the music up and feel the wind blowing through my hair!

Day 9 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate accepting who I am, enjoying where I’m at, and loving what I have!




4 responses

9 01 2011
L M Bland

Yet another great blog with simple messages that we can all identify with. Thank you

9 01 2011
1961 Girl

Thank you Leslie. I’m delighted that you are enjoying my blogs. Now all I need to do is try to reduce the writing time to less than 3 hours a blog!

9 01 2011
Jean Paul

Awesome story!
I can’t wait for the next 356 days 🙂

9 01 2011
1961 Girl

Glad to see you’re counting! I don’t know what I’m going to find to write about for the next 356 days. It’s enough of a challenge to find something to write about each day. Even then, it takes me hours to pull it all together. It will be a full time job at this rate! Good to know that you’re taking the time to read my posts. It makes it all worthwhile.

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