Dream Teams

11 01 2011

Making a commitment to blog every day for 365 days is a huge undertaking for anyone and drumming up enthusiasm for the task on a daily basis can be a struggle at times.

Today WordPress are encouraging us to find ourselves a ‘blogging buddy’ which I think is a great way to keep us on track.

Only 11 days into the ‘Postaday2011’ challenge and I am already finding my resolve slipping as the novelty begins to wear off. Finding the time to write, let alone trying to decide what to write about, is becoming a very time-consuming and exhausting process.

Having to go through what feels like a ‘birthing process’ on a daily basis is a real test of my resolve and commitment. There seem to be a lot of distractions that claim my attention and I find myself doing anything except actually sitting down to write. Even the wonderful view from my desk is not always enough to inspire me and I end up gazing out of the window and day dreaming instead!


However, once I finally get motivated to write and post my blog, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. It feels even better when someone makes a kind comment on my blog. To know that people are taking a few minutes out of their busy lives to read my daily thoughts is a humbling experience and I am very grateful for this support.

The subject has got me thinking about the value of having a ‘dream team’ of supporters in our lives to encourage us to keep the faith when the going gets tough and to believe in us when we begin to doubt ourselves.

When I think about the wonderful people I have in my life, I realise that they are all very different and each adds a unique dimension to my life. Every one has a special gift to share and I feel very blessed to know if I need support in any area of my life, there is someone to whom I can turn who will understand this particular need.

In business I have been responsible for creating many teams of people with skills and experiences that complement and support the other members of the team. It is only as I write this blog that I have begun to recognise that I have subconsciously created my personal ‘dream team’ whose presence help to make my life so very special and rewarding.

Day 11 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate my wonderful ‘dream team’ and offer my gratitude for all the love, light and laughter that you continue to bring into my life. Thank you all x




6 responses

11 01 2011

Keep it up Juls. Good post. Love that view from your window! x

12 01 2011
1961 Girl

Thanks Liz. Yes it is an amazing view. It is constantly changing and is like having a moving picture framed in my window.

11 01 2011

I know that feeling of satisfaction after the blog post has been published and then thinking about the next day! This is a wonderful post and I find that if I stop thinking so hard to come up with a topic under my interests – the thought seems to surface much easier. Thank you for your kind comment re: my photos and I do enjoy taking them! My topic tomorrow is Pictures…wonder what I will write about?? hmm
Debbie 🙂

12 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Debbie. Thank you for your kind comments. I love your blog as well. It is really well written and I really like the clear format which makes it a pleasure to read. Adding the photos and visuals is time consuming but well worth it as it makes the posts much more visualing appealing to your readers. I look forward to reading today’s blog! Julie

11 01 2011
Just a little snarky

This sounds like a great idea. I would be interested in joining. Good luck on your year of celebrations.

12 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hello there. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I shall look forward to reading your blog and exchanging comments over the coming year. Best wishes. Julie.

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