Angels Walk Amongst Us

13 01 2011

We are surrounded by angels…and not just the beautiful ethereal angels of our visions.

These are our Earth Angels; those wonderful people who walk amongst us and appear at just the right moment to bring us whatever we need in our lives at a given time.

Our Healing Earth Angels arrive when we are in ill health and we’ve all but given up hope of a cure. Then out of the blue someone introduces us to a therapist, or healer, who seems to know exactly what we need to bring about our healing by simply looking deep into our eyes, or by touching our hand.

The Art Of Bill Brouard

When we are feeling down or lonely, our Loving Earth Angels will arrive in the form of a neighbour with whom we’ve never really passed more than the time of day until they appear at our door to invite us to dinner. Or the phone will ring and a long lost friend is calling to make contact and to share some wonderful news that helps to lift our spirits.

Then there are our Kindness Earth Angels who appear when we need some moral support. They may be an acquaintance who offers a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a comforting hug. We may receive a smile from a stranger who makes eye contact as they sense our need for comfort or reassurance. They offer us simple, everyday kindnesses.

And then there are my favourite, the Tough Love Earth Angels! These are the people who turn up in our lives to shake us up in order to teach us our greatest lessons. They are the ones who press all our buttons and test us to the limit.

They frustrate us, make us mad, leave us feeling drained of energy, and most importantly; they hold up a very large mirror to help us recognise the behaviors which are no longer serving us.

The Art Of Bill Brouard

They are here to teach us the most important and painful  of life’s lessons. If we continue missing the point and getting it wrong, they will keep on appearing in different forms until we finally get the message.

Chances are that there are one or two Tough Love Earth Angels in your life right now…there certainly are in mine…and I love you all for the lessons you continue to teach me!

Finally there are the Heavenly Angels of our dreams who whisper in our ear so softly that we have to listen carefully to hear their important message.

I remember on one occasion I was travelling alone on my way back to London after a visit to Cornwall. I had reached a junction where there was a choice to stay on the motorway, or take the most scenic route along a dual carriageway. I had decided to stay on the motorway when a voice whispered in my ear telling me to take the other route. I thought I was imagining things, but the voice kept repeating the message until I finally listened and took the alternative road.

As it was beginning to get dark; I switched on my headlights and they promptly switched off again. Then the panel warning lights came on and all the electrics stopped working. Realising that I was in trouble, I started to panic as I could be hit by another car if mine couldn’t be seen on the dark road. There was no hard shoulder and nowhere to pull the car over safely.

Suddenly it felt as though I was being washed in a sea of calm and the voice whispered in my ear again telling me to take the next exit. Following these instructions, I turned off the road only to find myself on yet another dual carriageway!

Just as the panic started to kick in again, I spotted a break in the safety barrier with a solitary house lit up in the distance on the opposite side of the road. Somehow we made it safely across and limped along a dirt track right up to the front of the house, whereby my car promptly gave up the ghost and ground to a shuddering halt.

Offering up grateful thanks to my Heavenly Angel for guiding me towards the light of the stranger’s house, I knocked on the door to ask for assistance and was amazed when I was informed by the owners that their the son was a car mechanic and was just on his way home from work!

These lovely – Kindness Earth Angels – invited me inside for a cup of tea to warm me up whilst we awaited their son’s return. Within an hour of his arrival my car had been fixed and I was back on the road to London.

When I look back on the experience I know that I was being guided by my Heavenly Angel who protected me on the dark roads until we reached a safe haven where the help I needed was waiting for me. Now I never argue when a voice whispers softly in my ear because I know that I am being offering angelic assistance.

Day 13 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate the gifts given to me by all the Earth Angels I have met on my journey and for the loving guidance received from my Heavenly Angels. Thank you all!

Special thanks to Bill Brouard for the beautiful angel images from his collection at Visual Alchemy.




12 responses

13 01 2011
13 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Chris. Thank you for your kind comment. I loved your blog as well and have signed up for your daily posts. I’m also a ‘Thursday’s Child’ and I have always known that I have a long way to go. Sometimes it’s nice though to just stop and rest awhile. Have a great day!

13 01 2011

Oh Thank You! This post is right up my alley as I love angels too and have always been guided by them in more ways than I can remember. I love the pictures you added as the colors are so rich and alive… Glad we are connected Julie. 🙂
Thanks for stopping by today. I am glad to be your buddy too and have added your blog to my Team We♥Wordpress group. It’s a way I keep track of who is in the group so I can support them. I also subscribe to each blog by email. It makes it easier for me to comment wherever I am. I look forward to reading your posts too.
Have a terrific day ahead!
PS… I grew up in England that’s why I knew the ITV reference …lol! 🙂

13 01 2011
1961 Girl

Thank you for adding me to your Team WordPress group. I shall look forward to connecting with other group members over the coming weeks. Bless you for your lovely comments about my blog. These are very much appreciated. Have a wonderful day…lol

13 01 2011

Gotta love those angels! It’s really interesting how you describe them, plus I love the pics that back up the descriptions! By the way, I think I’m closely related to the Kindness Earth Angel myself!

13 01 2011
1961 Girl

Thanks Anthony. Yes, it’s good to know that we are surrounded by earth angels in their different disguises. Glad to hear that you are one of life’s Kindness Earth Angels!

13 01 2011

What a super inspiring story … thank you for sharing! Sitting here now thinking of all the angels in my life and feeling very grateful!

15 01 2011
1961 Girl

I’m delighted that you enjoyed reading my story. I love reading your posts as well. How are you coping with the daily challenge of blogging? It is interesting to see that it is taking most of us an average of 2-4 hours a day to prepare, write and publish our posts.

14 01 2011
Marion Driessen

It is a comforting thought to know there are angels around. I love your post!

15 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Marion. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for liking my post. I find it very comforting to know that we are always surrounded by angels.

28 01 2011
Jenny Cutler

god julie, that’s an exact Lynn Grabhorne story, isn’t it!

thank goodness your ears weren’t filled with babble or loud music, or would you have heard the message through all that, i wonder?

more and more young people are dying when glued to their mobiles…..

28 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Jenny,

You have made a great point there. Many young people are losing their connection with spirit, due in part to having a mobile phone constantly glued to their ears. With today’s information overload combined with hectic schedules, it is no wonder that people are beginning to look for a different way to live. They sense that there is more to life and they just need to slow down a little and step off the merry-go-world for a while to re-connect with themselves.

If I had been using my mobile during that car journey, I would certainly have missed out on the whispered messages that quite possibly saved my life.

Juls x

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