Enough is Enough

15 01 2011

In today’s world we all seem to live such busy and overcrowded lives. 

And with so much information available at our fingertips we can easily begin to suffer from information overload.

This feeling of being over burdened can expand into all areas of our lives as we chase after ‘more…more….more’ – and our desire for – ‘bigger…better…best’.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made some wonderful contacts and formed relationships with folks who until a short time ago were complete strangers to me. I’ve connected with some lovely people to whom I want to remain connected.

If someone has taken the time to read my blog, leave a comment, share my link with their friends, or to offer their support in some way, I feel a huge sense of responsibility towards honouring this person and giving them my time and support in return.

On the other hand, it feels as though I have created so many more commitments towards other people, that I am struggling with how best to let everyone know how much I care and how much I value their support; even though I’ve yet to have the opportunity to reciprocate with a level of support of my own. I hope that for now at least, offering my grateful thanks through this blog will suffice.

Why do we choose to create such complicated and overcrowded lives?

We seem to crave more toys, more luxuries, more friends, more experiences, and more ‘things’…to the point that we can no longer cope with these self-imposed burdens and responsibilities.

So we resort to taking more pills; drinking more alcohol; watching more TV; eating more junk food; taking more drugs; or spending more time surfing the net in an attempt to escape for a while from the stressful and overburdened lives that we have created for ourselves.

At what point do we say…enough is enough!

During my previous work as a House Doctor I was always intrigued to know why my clients’ had decided to move house. Invariably they wanted to move to a bigger place as they felt that their homes had become too small and overcrowded.

Apart from those who needed the extra space for their growing families; the main reason they believed that they needed a bigger house was because they had accumulated so much ‘stuff’, they had run out of space to store it all!

They seemed to be happier with the idea of taking on an increased mortgage and putting themselves through the stress and expense of moving rather than having to face getting rid of any of their ‘stuff’! 

I recognise that there is a natural hoarder lurking inside most of us. When we come from a place of fear and lack of trust in the universe to provide for our needs, we squirrel things away…’just in case’…to the point where our homes and lives are bursting at the seams and we are forced to move to a larger house in order to create more space around us.

And once we’ve moved, no matter how large the new house may be…we will soon fill it full of stuff. Just like many of us girls when it comes to our handbags…no matter how big or small…we still will manage to fill them!

A Moving Story

●        We accumulate so much stuff that we are forced to move to a bigger house

●        We are forced to borrow loads more money in order to pay for our new house

●        We have to work harder and/or longer hours in order to meet the mortgage   payments

●        To compensate for working longer and/or harder, we buy ourselves more new toys, or more new ‘stuff’ in an effort to help us relax and to make ourselves feel good

●        In a few short years, we have filled our homes to the brim and we are forced to yet again to move to a bigger place

●          And so it goes on…until we cry ‘enough’!

And I totally understand this desire to build and feather our nests as last year I was delighted to have a home of my own for the first time in years. Starting over again with no possessions, I was in the fortunate position to be able to furnish my home with items that either have a practical use, or with objects that give me pleasure to look at.

I thought…and still believe…that I’ve managed to get the balance right; particularly as I’ve had to fit my whole life into 36 sq metres. However, in the words of one of my fellow contestants on May the Best House Win;  ‘Less is More’!

(ITV Tuesday 25th Jan 2011 at 2pm)

So where has the simplicity gone?

At what point do we begin clearing out our lives to make space for ourselves?

How bad do things have to get before we learn to say ‘enough is enough’?



I may not be perfect

Perfect would not be enough

I am enough



Day 15 – A Year of Celebration


Today I celebrate connecting with so many lovely new people. Thank you for your continued love and support. We can never have enough positive strokes! Bless you all and I wish you a great weekend. x




11 responses

15 01 2011

This is the challenge of the 21st Century; how to manage our time on the information highway and still be valuable to those around us who care… Honestly, the postAday is a great way to write daily but one must be careful to set time limits.
I have the group in our team and will probably not add more names to it so I can support the team. I’ll comment on posts daily or catch up every other day.. Find a system that makes sense for you… 🙂

15 01 2011
1961 Girl

Thanks Elizabeth.
It is good to know that it is also taking you an average of 4 hours a day to create your post! Yesterday I promised to work to the Power of One, but I found myself getting carried away again – again! Despite my previous comments, I am really tempted to change to PostaWeek instead of blogging every day. I guess the deciding factor will be whether people would prefer to read a short daily post, or a longer weekly post. It seems to be an evolving process although I hope to have some sort of system in place by the end of the month.

23 01 2011

I’m still all in and committed to supporting my team… it is only natural that some might take a break or life will call but I plan, God willing, to stay the course. 🙂

24 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Eliz.

As an honoured member of your team, I value your support hugely and really appreciate the time and effort you consistantly put into supporting your team members…bless you. J x

15 01 2011
Piglet in Portugal


When we moved to Portugal we decluttered 30years of rubbish and started afresh. We sold or gave away most of our belongings and dumped loads of the stuff we had hoarded “just in case”. Pieces of wood, jam jars, paint tins, wallpaper (that was 20years old), magazins etc etc etc We were effectively decluttered.
Now we are back to square one. We can’t get into the garage for all the”just in case” items, pain tins, old and new tiles, jam jars, books etc. You name it and dig deep enough and you will probably find it.

So is there something in us that we feel this “need” of not throwing anything away. I ahve just relabeled it “Recycling in the home”

I love your blog by the way and have subscribed 🙂

15 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Pip. I am delighted that you liked my post so much that you have subscribed. I appreciate how busy everyone is these days so having my posts delivered on a daily basis is quite a commitment. You can of course unsubscribe if they begin to clutter up your inbox!

I believe that ‘this something in us’ is an irrational fear that if we throw something away, we might ‘need’ it again in the future. We need to replace this fear with trust in the universe that whatever we need at any given moment in time will be delivered to us at just the right time.

I also gave most of my possessions away five years ago when I moved to the Middle East for a few years. I travelled light for five years until settling in my current home last year. Now that I have furnished the place to meet my everyday needs…plus a few extra bits and pieces purely because they bring me pleasure to use, or to look at, I am now very aware that I have to clear something out before bringing in anything new. Plus, my house is so tiny, I have to be very disciplined with myself or I wouldn’t be able to move around!

My golden rule is; if you don’t use it, or love it, then bin it! (or recycle it)

Look forward to staying in touch.

Best wishes,

15 01 2011
Piglet in Portugal

Hi Julie,

You are on my blogroll…so I am prepared for the daily onslaught. I spend about 1.5hrs a day chatting to and supporting my adopted bloggers. We all help each other out to keep each otehr going.

My inbox is now worse than my garage!


15 01 2011
Piglet in Portugal

otehr – whoops! 🙂 I also have dyslexic fingers!

15 01 2011

This is a great post. Less than 2 years ago I started over with possessions and live rather light. It’s a stress relief not to have to worry about owning anything expensive (except gear/computer).

I love the poem at the end of the post as well.

15 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Trudy. Thank you for your lovely comments. I also ‘travelled light’…for about five years until the need to create a new ‘nest’ became so strong that I decided to put down some roots for a while. With possessions comes a lot of responsibility and there have been times when I’ve yearned for the ‘lighter’ years. I guess finding the balance is the key. Best wishes, Julie.

15 01 2011
jean paul

So thought-provoking as usual, and it seems to heave been response-provoking too!
Thankyou for all this Julie; I count you as one of my friends too. And the more friends, the hqarder. Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to get sucked into listening or joining in to so many conversations on facebook; you want to be part, but it’s overwhelming.
And now, dear girl, you have your many hundreds of admirers and readers to adjudicate (as you vet these responses), so you’re in the firirng line!

Anyway, I shall retire now to cogitate your thoughts.

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