The Rose and The Bees

27 01 2011

A rose longed for the company of the bees, but none would come to her.

Even so, the flower was still capable of dreaming. When she felt all alone, she would imagi­ne a garden filled with bees that came to kiss her.

And so she managed to resist until the next day, when she opened her petals again.

“Aren’t you tired?” Another rose asked her.

No. I have to go on fighting

“Because if I don’t open up, I wither.”  – Paulo Coelho

I love this little story by Paulo Coelho…one of my favourite authors.

As someone who thrives on connecting with others, the story reminded me of the times when the phone has stopped ringing, my email inbox is clear (very rare) and no-one has left a comment on my blog, or on FaceBook!

The ‘bees’ have stopped visiting…and I am bereft without their company.


Connection with others’ is my inspiration and my reason for living. This exchange of thoughts and ideas feeds my soul; giving me strength and motivation.

No matter what curve balls life may throw me, I will continue to open up my petals every morning and reach out to connect with another soul. Without this daily contact I would wither like the beautiful rose and my life would lose its meaning.

No man (or woman) is an island – John Donne (1572-1631)

Rare is the person who is so totally at home in their own company that they don’t feel the urge to reach out to connect in a meaningful way with another human being.

Day 27 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate all the beautiful bees in my life whose presence fills my garden.




6 responses

27 01 2011

when I am alone,
always my cat notices that
and comes to be by my side …

Strike Cat =^..^=


27 01 2011
Piglet in Portugal

Before the wordpress challenge many of us were alone, or almost! what a difference it makes when people take the trouble to drop in and make a comment or a like 🙂

28 01 2011

What a beautiful way of reminding us of the value of making connections… It is the lifeblood of the human soul. Unfortunately, some people don’t care to connect… Ah well, we move on. The blogging challenge is tough and some will fall by the wayside… just stay in touch and Julie, I know I will too.
Loved this post 🙂

28 01 2011
1961 Girl

I am so happy that you liked this post. Ideally, I’d like to get all my posts to this sort of length…short and sweet.

Trouble is, once I start writing, I usually get carried away and all the tasks on my ever growing ‘to do list’ end up staying there for another day. At this rate, I’ll be living in a rodent infested hovel with the roof falling in, no money, and no ‘real life’ friends…but I’ll still be connected and writing my blog!!!

Juls xxx

28 01 2011

Loved this. Well done. It was beautiful.

29 01 2011
1961 Girl

I’m so happy you liked it…one of my shorter posts…but hopefully just as poignant. Thank you.

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