Chasing Rainbows

28 01 2011

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.


I love this simple poem.

These few words encapsulate my life as a restless soul…always on the go…always restless…always in search of the next thrilling adventure waiting over the far horizon.

I’ve always been the dreamer – believing in a world full of exciting possibilities.

As a young child I possessed an unshakable belief that I could have…or be…anything I wanted  – if I wanted it enough.

And I did want it…all of it!

All my life I have been chasing rainbows in pursuit of the elusive pot of gold. And I have been very blessed to have experienced many riches along the ever changing road that has led me back home to myself.

I have enjoyed a wealth of experiences, wonderful enriching relationships, material possessions, and the greatest gift of all – a deep connection with the richness of spirit.

Like a spiritual butterfly…I have flitted from one job to the next; thrown myself wholeheartedly into one exciting business idea after another; moved from relationship to friendship; house to home; and country to continent.

Always moving…with an insatiable need to explore all that life has to offer.

I could never commit wholeheartedly to anyone – or anything – for more than a short time before my wings began to itch and I had to respond to the calling from spirit to fly towards my next appointment with destiny.

I’ve travelled the world and lived a life that many can only dream of. Life has been a kaleidoscope of colourful experiences; each one revealing another facet of my soul’s awakening.

My wanderlust has been calmed for a while as I find myself back in the UK, living in my little riverside home; immersed in this new journey of discovery…revealing my life and my thoughts to the world through the writing of this blog.

With each new post, I connect with another long buried part of myself. As I bring my soul gently towards the light through the writing process, I am beginning to recognise – and truly know myself – for the very first time.

And it feels so good!

Day 28 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate coming home – to myself!

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8 responses

28 01 2011
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28 01 2011

And you are all the richer and have a deeper soul quality because of your experiences… Rigidity has no home in your heart and you add light to others through your many experiences. 🙂
There was a time when I tried to imagine what it would be like to stay in the same place for many, many years and I couldn’t. Like you, when my soul calls and the muse appears, I go where my heart is welcomed.
Life is adventure and those who don’t travel miss out a lot …

28 01 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Eliz,

Thank you for ‘seeing’ me and for relating to my story.

I can be far too much of a sensitve soul at times and I had been a little upset this morning when a friend commented that he thought this post was too much ‘about me’ and not focused enough on the ‘other’. I am so pleased that you were able to read past the ‘me, me, me’ and connect with my soul.

You really are a true inspiration and I am very blessed to receive so much encouragement from you in this journey of self-discovery.

Juls x

28 01 2011

My wanderlust has been calmed for a while as I find myself back in the UK, living in my little riverside home…
nice to read that!
there is a photo from a riverside home 🙂
(and my painting too…)

28 01 2011
1961 Girl

Loved your painting and the original photo of the riverside home. Did you ever get to live there?


28 01 2011

that house is in the United States – and I am dreaming in Germany far away …

28 01 2011

The care you take in presenting your blog with pictures and beautiful poems/quotes is very special and much appreciated by me and other readers.
I love your writing style. Thank you.

29 01 2011
1961 Girl

It is lovely when someone appreciates my blog enough to leave a comment. Thank you for your kind words.

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