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8 02 2011

The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company – pets we allow into our solitude.  ~ Robert Brault

Someone recently described taking on the responsibility of a blog as being like caring for a pet…as once you commit…your pet will require constant feeding.

At the time, I didn’t quite understand what they meant. Now I know…

A Blog is for Life – not just for Christmas!’

My Pet Blog has been so well fed and has grown so quickly…she has attracted lots of little friends to come and play with her.

I love my Pet Blog …and I love my fellow bloggers and supporters.

My pet has led me out to play with so many lovely people that I have run out of hours to spend with all my new friends…and this appears to be a recurring theme for many bloggers over the past few weeks.

We are all delighted with our new friends and want to continue to support each other – whilst managing to keep our lives in balance.

Insomnia seems to developing rapidly within our blogging community and we need to find this balance quickly – before we all burn out and have little left to offer each other.

They are days when my hands are shaking so badly and my eyesight becomes so weak (due to the Dystonia symptoms) that I struggle to keep on top of my blogging commitments…let alone find time to develop my new business…or to research latest developments in treatments for my condition.

I want to do my best by everyone…and sometimes I feel as though I’m failing miserably!

I want my Pet Blog to have a long and healthy life. And I want to maintain the quality of my writing…and my support of my fellow bloggers.

Something has to give…or I’ll be walking around like a zombie by the end of the month!

I need to cut down on the volume of WordPress emails (mainly replies to comments) flooding into my inbox at the rate of 200-300 a day…and focus on reading my buddies blogs, replying to comments on my blog and creating my own posts.

Having taken on board some of the suggestions made by my Blogging Buddies…
 Papa Joe, Classy Rose & Quidmont

I’ve decided that I am going to do the following:- 

  1. Post my blog on a daily basis 

  2. Read everyone else’s blogs (daily whenever possible) 

  3. Either leave a comment on other posts – or  just press the ‘like’ button so you will know that I’ve stopped by to say ‘hi’ 

  4. No longer press the ‘follow up comments’ button 

If anyone has any further thoughts/ideas as to how we can make our commitments more manageable thereby giving us more time to focus on the fun elements of writing and supporting each other…I love to hear them!

Hopefully, my new disciplined approach will help to ease things up a little and will create more time for me to take better care of my other projects.

I want to spend more time focusing on raising awareness of Dystonia…with a view to ultimately discovering a natural treatment to help suffers of this debilitating condition.

I will be working with different therapists over the coming year and will share my success stories via my blog.

Otherwise, I promise to be back on track…and back on subject…as of tomorrow’s post!

My new business Naked Dragon will revolve around my favourite subject of Inspiration – and will focus on supporting writers, authors & speakers with an inspiring message to share with the world – to get their message out there to a greater audience.

The new website is currently under construction and I hope this will be ready to launch by late spring.

If you are interested in being kept informed of future developments, please send an email to: julie@nakeddragon.co.uk – with ‘please subscribe’ in the subject line and I will put you on my mailing list.

Day 39 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate what has been an amazing blogging journey to date. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people.

Thank you all…for your loveyour support…and your encouragement.




27 responses

8 02 2011

It can be tiring spending so much time keeping up on your blog and checking out the others, there are so many good ones, and I feel like I will be missing out if I don’t go read them. I think I will take all of your suggestions and apply them as well.

8 02 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Stacey. I think will are all having to deal with similar challenges. There are certainly some brilliant blogs out there and I try to check out as many as I can on a daily basis. It would be so easy to spend every waking minute writing, posting, reading other blogs, commenting, replying to our comments, encouraging our fellow bloggers etc. Keeping under some sort of manageable control is the real challenge. Good luck…and thanks for stopping by 🙂

8 02 2011
Jean Paul

Yep, insomnia – with you there Juls!
(And I’m not even writing a blog, just reading and responding (like you) to lots of other media based contact.)

8 02 2011
1961 Girl

Good morning JP. I hope you managed to get some sleep. These 3am finishes are no good for any of us. Roll on normality! 🙂

8 02 2011

I hear you! It’s pretty late here and I am catching up on buddy posts. I launched my blog hop to give friends and visitors a way to connect with others and I am paring down my words too. I will be shifting gears as the weeks roll along. One must! 😉
Listen, I have a blog hop going till Wednesday. You can add your blog as a way to bring others to visit and gain more exposure to your blog… there might be some new souls who missed Freshly Pressed. Do join in. It’s my first one. 🙂

8 02 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Eliz.
Thanks for the invite to join your blog hop. As it is Wednesday today, could you please let me have further details? I shall look forward to seeing your revamped blogs very soon! Best wishes, Juls 🙂

8 02 2011
Jenny Cutler

brilliant. great advice. thanks Julie

8 02 2011
1961 Girl

Thanks Jenny. I am sure that you will grow to love your new blog as much as we love ours. Good luck with your blogging 🙂

8 02 2011

Juls, you’re a star! Don’t worry about failing, I doubt you will ever fail us because you uplift us on a daily basis. I love how you likened blogging to having a pet. keep up the good work and I wish you all the best with you business venture and also raising awareness of dystonia. I’m sure I will be emailing you.

8 02 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Marcia. Thanks for the moral support! My blog does feel like my pet…or my baby…and I want to keep it loved and nourished in the way it deserves. In the same way that I want to continue to love and nourish my Blogging Buddies. I’m sure it will all settle down into a manageable pattern at some point. Look forward to your email.
Juls x:-)

8 02 2011
8 02 2011
1961 Girl

And thank you for yours Frizz! 🙂

8 02 2011

Thanks Juls. I’m going to follow your advice. So, look for my likes, but I’m not going to comment unless it’s something I feel REALLY strong about!
~ shell

8 02 2011

Hi Juls, I’ve been struggling with this too! We each have to do what we feel is right for ourselves and as you said the other day, there’s a time when you have to put your own needs and wants first.

I’m not prepared to make a change right now without giving it more thought and seeing how other things develop.

I’m looking forward to seeing Naked Dragon, sounds wonderful! 🙂

9 02 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Rose,

We all need to do whatever feels right for us at the time. I will always aim to reply to everyone who has taken the time to leave a message (the only exception being the backlog from last week after being Freshly Pressed…apologies to anyone I’ve yet to reply to…I will get there!)

I will keep you posted about Naked Dragon!
Juls x 🙂

8 02 2011
Piglet in Portugal

Hi Juls,
Great idea re follow up comments button. I subcribe to and support lots of blogs, most of them are “postaday”. I’ve been struggling recently and have been running behind so the follow up comments button seems a good compromise 🙂
I always like to leave a comment where possible.

Good luck with “Naked Dragon” 🙂

Kind regards

9 02 2011
1961 Girl


You probably won’t see this reply(!) but I’ve stopped pressing the ‘follow up comments’ button today and I have to say that my inbox has been far more manageable as a result. It would be good if we could see whether someone has asked for follow up comments or not. That way we know that we need to contact them directly if we want them to see our reply. Has anyone got any suggestions for how we can find out this information?

Thanks for your good wishes 🙂 Juls x

8 02 2011

Dear Juls,
I’m a brazilian girl 1950 and I also have a blog and bloger friends.
My congratulations. Your blog is pleasant and I love to read it. I’m subscribing me to receive your emails too.
Celina Silva Pereira

9 02 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Celina,

Welcome on board. I’m glad you like my blog!

Thank you for putting your name on my subscription list to be kept informed of the latest developments of Naked Dragon – my new business (to be lauched in the Spring) to promote the work of inspirational writers, authors and speakers. A quick reminder for anyone reading this comment who may be interested to please send an email, with ‘please subscribe’ in the subject line to julie@nakeddragon.cou.uk and I will put you on my list.

Thanks again and hope to see you again soon.
Juls 🙂

8 02 2011
Blog-O-Bits « Quidmont

[…] but Julie Bryant has already said most of it very well in her post today.  You can find it at https://1961girl.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/feed-me/ and she has a nifty picture on her post to boot.    (Happy Birthday Julie!) I was going to […]

8 02 2011

Definitely do not allow your mailbox to fill up with everyone else’s comments from a follow-up……way too much time reading through all that! What I have been doing … if I leave comment and want to know the answer will hit follow up; otherwise…When someone comments with a question on my own blog – I go to theirs and answer so they don’t have to find my answer again. Right now I have 2 I will email since the answer is lengthy and about gardening(I could talk about that for days).
The Facebook group for Postaday/week is a blessing… when someone adds their daily/weekly blog post, I go read it if it is interesting (most times is) and either like on the group page or comment on their blog. I try to visit those who comment on my blog and leave word.
Take a deep breath …. suggest the FB group to all and use that as a center to work out of.
Debbie 🙂

9 02 2011
1961 Girl

Thanks for the great advice Debbie. I have stopped pressing the ‘follow up comments’ button today and already my inbox is clearer…not entirely…but much more managable. I’ve still got a lot to learn about Facebook pages as I’ve noticed that a lot of people are using them instead of websites these days. Is this the way to go?
Best wishes,
Juls 🙂

8 02 2011
Blog-O-Bits « Take a Ride on the Reading

[…] but Julie Bryant has already said most of it very well in her post today.  You can find it at https://1961girl.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/feed-me/ and she has a nifty picture on her post to boot.    (Happy Birthday […]

9 02 2011

I looove your pet blog analogy! It is so true that it’s a commitment that looks very easy from the outside, but once we start they seem to take on a life of their own! I found your blog through eof737’s blog hop and am off to check out more of your posts! Thanks, Rosa

13 02 2011
Papa Joe

Hi again Juls!

Happy Birthday – again?

I know I’ve had internet problems lately but as I look back through your blog to make sure I have not missed any of your posts, I’m reading things that look very familiar. I feel sure I’ve commented here before but I can’t see it.

Maybe I’m just going senile. Wouldn’t surprise me. 🙂

– Papa Joe

13 02 2011
1961 Girl

Hi there Papa Joe.

I’m happy if you’ve left me duplicate messages…it is always so lovely to hear from you…senile or otherwise! If you’ve commented before, your comment should be on list. Even if it is…two comments are better than one! Thanks for catching up…and for the birthday wishes.
Juls 🙂

13 02 2011
Papa Joe

Happy Birthday Juls!

I’m so happy to hear you say you don’t mind hearing from me even when I’m senile. That’s ever increasingly my state these days. 😉

Happy Birthday Juls! (Or did I already say that ? … 😉 )

– Papa Joe

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