Writing from the Heart

18 02 2011

Why do we blogand who exactly are we blogging for?

Do we write just to get something off our chestor do we write with our perceived audience in mind?

Are we looking to attract a large number of followersor do we just say whatever is on our mind – regardless of whether anyone wants to read what we have to say?

Does it matter if we stick to our original blog ‘theme’or is it an evolving process through which our ‘theme’ develops as our blog unfolds?

 Perhaps I should begin this post by answering some of the above questions with my own thoughts on this subject.


I began writing this blog as a way of sharing my 50th birthday celebrations with my friends and family in the mistaken belief that they were possibly the only people who would take the time to read my posts.

After all, why would anyone else be interested in the random thoughts of an (almost) 50 year old!


As things have worked out, hardly any of my close friends and family have read more than a just few posts (apart from my loyal friend Liz – bless you) and until a few short weeks ago my current readers were strangers to me.

Now of course, they have become my lovely Blogging Buddies and these dear friends have brought so much unexpected joy, laughter and inspiration to the whole blogging experience.

So does this mean that I now write with my new friends in mind? I do try not to do this, but as I write I can’t help but wonder what my new friends will think of this latest post. So yes, in some ways, I suppose I am beginning to write with my ‘audience’ in mind.

I do write to get things off my chest, hence my constant references to my on-going battle of keeping up my blogging commitments and my dilemma over whether to switch to a weekly post instead of a daily one to lessen some of the pressure.

I have resisted this so far as I would feel that I had let myself down after promising to commit to doing this for the entire 365 days (which feels like a lifetime at this present moment in time!)

It wasn’t my original intention to create loads of followers; although I have to confess that I’ve loved watching the visitor stats slowly begin to climb and it was a truly amazing experience to see them shoot through the roof after being ‘Freshly Pressed’ a couple of weeks ago!

It was as a result of the positive feedback I had been receiving, combined with the numbers of visitors that I decided to add a page to my blog called ‘Dancing with Dystonia’ to help raise awareness of this little known and incurable condition that affects so many people throughout the world.

If by doing this, I can help one other person to recognise this condition…or to find the support they need…then this entire blogging process has been worth the commitment.

As for sticking to a ‘theme’, the only constant throughout my posts is my daily ‘reason for celebration’. Otherwise, I have used different formats with – or without – quotations or poems…and I have written about whatever is on my mind at the time.

Ultimately, we have to be true to ourselves and by…

 Writing from the heart…we will reach to the heart.

We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment, but it is transient. It is a little parenthesis in eternity. If we share with caring, lightheartedness, and love, we will create abundance and joy for each other. And then this moment will have been worthwhile.
Deepak Chopra


Day 49 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I am going to celebrate by taking a leaf out of Deepak’s book and enjoy every precious and transient moment.




35 responses

18 02 2011
Jean Paul

What a wonderful quote Juls! Thank you. It says exactly what’s on my own mind, about a friend.
See you soon! Be good 🙂

18 02 2011
1961 Girl

Hi JP. So glad you liked the post and that the quote resonated for you. I hope you are well. Look forward to seeing you soon.
Juls 😮

18 02 2011

I love that that’s your constant theme throughout your blog 🙂 “celebration”, whether it be big or small.
You’re right, the Blogging Buddies was such an unexpected hit though! I didn’t think how successful it would be, and now I have made a lot of new friends from that. I love that blogging can bridge the gap between distance & generations.
I always thought having an actual theme might be easier to find something to write about every day (ie. Pop culture, or food, or travel) but I find it’s actually easiest for me to just write what I feel like for that day!

18 02 2011
1961 Girl

I agree that can sometimes be easier to write about different subjects every day. This way you can write about what is on your mind and what is coming from your heart, rather than trying to work every post around a certain theme…particularly if you are blogging every day. I guess we all work differently which makes for interesting reading. It would be pretty boring if we all had a similar style! 😮

You’ve made a great point about blogging bridging the gap between distance and generations. We are becoming one global community and it feels really good 🙂 Juls

18 02 2011

Juls, I know you will make a decision that’s right for you. Remember this is your blog, your outlet to write whatever is on your mind. It’s wonderful that you want to write with your audience in mind but as you said, you have to be true to yourself. Hugs 🙂

18 02 2011

Daily celebration – that’s the best thing of all, and a goal I try for as much as I can too. Thanks for this post!

18 02 2011
1961 Girl

If we can find one reason to celebrate life every day…that is many causes for celebration over the course of a year. Glad you liked the post and thanks for stopping by to say ‘hello’. Juls 🙂

18 02 2011

Wonderful post! And love that Deepak Chopra quote.

If we write honestly, our intended audience will appear while those who are not intended to be in our pool of readers will drift away.

When we are enjoying the journey, we stop worrying about finding our intended audience ~ we trust that our intended audience will find us.

Sounds like you are finding yours.

As for sticking with daily posts . . . perseverance is good, provided that we are headed in the right direction.

Of course, sometimes the opposition we face is the Universe’s way of saying, “Turn Around. You’re on the WRONG road.”

Good luck making the right decision for YOU.

24 04 2011

“When we are enjoying the journey, we stop worrying about finding our intended audience”

Excellent comment nrhatch. Now, how many times it happens that you like a comment as much as the original post. Compliments to both Juls and nrhatch. Your words are inspiring newcomers like myself who are too stubborn to stop writing from their heart!


24 04 2011
1961 Girl

Hello Samyak and welcome to the world of blogging. I’m sure that you will enjoy the journey…even more so when you are writing from the heart! Good luck and have fun with your writing. Juls.

2 05 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Samyak,

Thanks for your compliments. These are much appreciated. I hope that you continue to write from the heart as ‘what comes from the heart – touches the heart’.

Best wishes,

18 02 2011

I love your blog Juls, your posts are a pleasure to read.
My thinking is that if we write from the heart, we will reach into the heart of our readers – and we all know that the heart is the seat of all motivation; anything can happen at that point, but we have to reach it first. You do!

18 02 2011

Your blog, your outlet, keep up the great inspiration. I love your added links to those you have on your buddy list. Try tut.com for inspiration with Mike Dooley.

18 02 2011

it is an evolving process
through which our ‘theme’ develops
as our blog unfolds!
hi Julie,
I am split between politics, music, photos, dialogs …
the 365 days will show, where that will end, isn’t it?

18 02 2011
Piglet in Portugal

Hi Juls,

Whatever you write I enjoy reading! If you switched to once a week no one would think any the less of you, as I said to papa Joe who was also in blogging burnout….or try posting 3 times a week? I can already hear you signing with relief as you mull over this idea. Don’t forget the summer is coming with better weather (she says optimistically) and you don’t want to spend your 50th year in front of the PC!

None of us realized, when we started the WordPress challenge, exactly what was involved when you truly embrace the blogging community with mind, body and soul. I only post three times a week. Two on a set theme and one just sharing my thoughts or experiences of life in Portugal. This is perfect for me.

As for staying with a theme…
Not many people have a tribute to their 50th year and on your 60th you will look back at all your posts and comments as the celebration you intended and which ever direction it takes you. 8)
Your theme in a way is pretty open as it conveys your thoughts.

Writing for an audience…
If you do not write to an audience who are you writing for? If you are writing for yourself you may as well stick it in a word document and file on your PC.

I love your blog just as it is evolving…it’s a journey! Go with the flow Juls…that little voice of doubt is creeping into your mind. Close the door don’t let it in and absorb you

Your blogging bud

18 02 2011
Piglet in Portugal

Oh dear, why does my spellchecker re interpret my thoughts? Should be sighing with relief not signing…you see Juls my thoughts are conveyed through dyslexic fingers…that do not connect to my brain…you know why 🙂 😦

18 02 2011

Dear Julie,
It’s interesting how blogs grow by accident. I created a blog to do a course on computer to use blogs in my activity as a teacher here in Brazil. Then I got the idea to create a private blog too (Living) and use it to comment on the daily happenings of a religious viewpoint. Recently I created another, by transforming a private diary in public, when it migrated to WordPress from Windows live (Celina’s Space). Incidentally, it was then that I found your blog 1961 Girl.) Both my pages became part of my life, and at the first one have some friends that make me happy, when communicating with me. Evidently, these friends and their websites telling their lives also began to rejoice me and participate in my own life.

18 02 2011
Papa Joe

A beautiful post Juls. I love your summation quote. And you’re so right that our audience is not what we expected. I was writing for Cassie and maybe for me. Today I know that I write for the two of us but much of what I say is influenced by my friends here.

And that’s okay. It all blends. Becomes part of the whole. When Cassie and I talk, it gives more richness, fun and laughter to our converstions than we ever would have known if I was just putting up an obligatory post every day to meet my end of the commitment.

I can understand your thoughts on stopping posting every day. If you choose that, please don’t feel like there is any failure. Far from it.

Instead look upon it as a graduation. You’ve completed your degree in blogging and done it in record time at that. Now it’s time to settle in to the maturity that comes with experience.

Post as you see fit. I’d love to see you every day. I may stop by just to add an extra “Happy Birthday” to your latest post even if you’re not here daily. Ultimately I’d rather know that you were happy with yourself in your writing than think you were writing for me. And when I did see a new post, I’d know it was something you really wanted to say.

I believe you do have something to celebrate every day Juls. And you’ve helped so many other people find joy in celebrating with you. Please do keep the celebration at least in your heart every day. And if you can, in your blog as well.

Good luck Juls and Happy Birthday! 🙂

– Papa Joe

18 02 2011
Marie Fullerton

Lovely read and your final quote is wonderful, Deepak Chopra is such a profound writer. Thank you for sharing. Mx

19 02 2011
1961 Girl

Thanks Marie. I am a huge Deepak fan and have been following his work for many years. Glad you liked the quote. Juls 🙂

18 02 2011

Hi Juls! Happy Birthday!

In reading through your comments, I don’t think I could add anything further. Papa Joe probably comes closest to my thoughts and I’ll second his words. But as we’re all facing blogging overload, I won’t repeat each point here just to let you read more.

I’m with you, whatever you choose Juls. Please just do continue the celebration in your heart every day. You really are inspirational that way. 🙂

Happy Birthday!

– Bob

18 02 2011

I write from the heart and for anyone and everyone who cares to stop by, I just hope they get something from my words. Someone once asked me why I blog and I said ‘Because I love to write’ and their response was, ‘Well, why not keep a diary?’
I blog to share something, whether it’s some inspirational words, or just be a part of this wonderful community, I enjoy the connection.
I wouldn’t worry about having a theme as such, mine is constantly evolving and I think I’m happier with it now. I much prefer the quality of your writing Juls, themes, pictures and quotes just pretty blogs up. Your daily messages are what are important to me, you are my sunshine during the dull February months. Thanks x

19 02 2011
1961 Girl

Hi Marcia. Yet again your words have touched my heart…how do you do that??? Like you I enjoy the connection with fellow bloggers and it is good to have an outlet to express one’s thoughts and feelings. Thanks for your support…and your faith in me. Juls:-)

18 02 2011
Jenny Cutler

For me – it is a cathartic exercise, a bit like Julia Campions – 3 daily pages – but with a writing structure. It’s somewhere for me to put those ‘not quite 7 minute speech’ topics that are in my head.

So, yes, it’s really for me. The occasional comment coming from people that the ideas connect with is more than enough response.

I am determined not to let it take over the real reason for writing. A published novel!

18 02 2011

I agree with barb19. You do write from the heart Juls and it goes right to the heart of your blogging buddies. I enjoy witnessing your journey whether it be on a daily or weekly basis. They are moments worthwhile.

Happy Birthday Year!

19 02 2011
1961 Girl

Thanks Shell. I do try to write from the heart and sometimes this can be a challenge when I’m having a hard day and my blog is meant to be upbeat and celebratory. I usually manage to find a reason to be cheerful after I’ve finished writing most of the post though and can normally find a good reason to celebrate…even if it’s only having written the post in the first place! Take care hun 🙂

19 02 2011
athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.

I definitely believe in writing from your heart and following intuition. My writing began a few years back with my husband encouraging me. I think who is supposed to find your blog and get something from it will.

19 02 2011
1961 Girl

I totally agree that whoever is meant to find you…will do so. They will be attracted to your energy for whatever reason, and stick around for however long they are meant to. Thanks for this. Juls 😮

19 02 2011
athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.

P.S. My husband was born in 1961….me, 1953.

19 02 2011

Keep following your heart Julie as that is truly who you are… Some days I have a clear vision of what to post and other days a conversation, a picture or something else leads me somewhere new. I stepped back for a day or so to refocus my plan and I am happy to have you as a blogging friend. 🙂

19 02 2011
Jenny Cutler

just re-read your comments. your admirers all seem lovely. will email you. puzzled. jenny

20 02 2011


I love your blog and this post was really thought-provoking. I especially liked the quote at the end. I definitely think you should write from the heart, and I find the blogs I like best do this, but I understand how it can be hard to do so at times. It’s a difficult balance, but as long as you’re getting enjoyment out of your writing then I don’t think it really matters what you’re writing about.

Thanks for a great post!
– Michelle

20 02 2011
1961 Girl

Thanks Michelle.

I always try to write from the heart even if it does take a lot of emotional effort at times. It is worth it though as it allows me to be true to myself which is very empowering. Best wishes, Juls 🙂

15 03 2011
Country Living

Hi Juls! I found your blog through Barb19, Pationate About Pets. I am a new blogger and just looking for a good group of followers and people to follow! I’m finally getting used to the lifestyle! and love it! I love your blog about writting from the heart. Passion is what drives us, and haveing people to support us, makes it all worth while! Thanks again for your blog!

24 04 2011

Love your blog! I write to share my experiences in the country, and to get things off my chest! Thanks for shareing!!

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