Blogging Dream Team

21 02 2011

Everybody needs somebody who says, ‘I believe in you.


Better still – get an entire group to believe in you and you cannot fail!


You’ll feel stronger and more capable. You’ll be far more ambitious. You’ll leap over hurdles. You’ll laugh off disappointments. You’ll risk more and try harder. And, you’ll celebrate your successes with people who are happy for you to succeed. – Anonymous.

Having someone truly believe in you is a beautiful experience. Someone who is there to help heal your wounds when things don’t always go exactly to plan and will help lift you back up, dust you down and get you back on track.

A few years ago I started a rather ambitious project and I knew that I needed a team of supporters to help me to succeed. I indentified the areas in which I needed the most help and guidance before approaching the right people in each of these areas to explain my mission and to ask for their support.

In a few weeks, I had assembled my ‘Dream Team’, all of whom were committed to helping facilitate my success. They each had unique qualities to bring to the project and most importantly, they all believed in me!

It was the most amazingly experience and taught me a great deal about the power of working in co-operation with others in pursuit of a common goal. Our experience and abilities complemented each other perfectly and the blend was just the right mix to ensure our success.


Most importantly, before I could expect others to believe in me…I had to first believe in myself. Without this self-belief, the project would have been doomed to failure from the outset, instead of becoming the huge success that it was.

Over the past couple of months we have attracted a wonderful group of fellow bloggers who are as committed to our success as they are to their own.

We have recognised something special in each other and we are generous in our encouragement of each other. With this belief we have in each other’s ability, we are practically guaranteed to succeed in our blogging challenges.

Bring on the Blogging Dream Team!

Day 52 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I will be celebrating the amazing spirit of the blogging community and the power of shared success.




18 responses

21 02 2011

I’ll second that Juls! Happy Birthday!

– Bob

21 02 2011

Yes, Julie, we believe you’ll have success in your blog, in your comemoration by 50 years old, in your live. Have a good week, a good year, and a very happy comemoration.

21 02 2011
Jean Paul

… And even better, get an entire group to believe in each other, and THEY cannot fail!

For me, that started today when 9 of us went on our first (short) training walk/climb. It was only 8 miles and 1000ft, but it was a start to bonding for our conquest of Kilimanjaro next February – a 25 strong group called Team UP! who will handle 22 miles up and down, and 19,000 ft up (and down) in 7 days. The experience today, the sharing and supporting, was amazing – just as you said!

So, don’t stop now Juls – only 313 to go :-). Piece of cake!

21 02 2011

Yes, we do have a wonderful bunch of blogging buddies here who seem to go all out to help and encourage each other! Everyone of us needs support and praise – and we certainly have it here.

21 02 2011

Everybody needs somebody who says, ‘I believe in you.’ So true and even if it is but one person that is great too!
Keep going; I believe in you! 🙂

21 02 2011

Hi Juls, It must be a great feeling to have a Blogging Dream Team who believes in you and your dream and wants to see you succeed.

Make a wish and see all your dreams come true.

Hugs 🙂

21 02 2011

Write on!

21 02 2011

Great post Juls! Very inspirational and true. Thanks for the wise words 🙂

– Michelle

21 02 2011

Well said – I believe in you!

21 02 2011

I have similar feelings, when I make music with my friends; and of course bloggers can feel close to each other as well – though they often are miles away …

21 02 2011
Jenny Cutler

encouragement is a wonderful word. with you all the way Julie.

21 02 2011

Definitely believe in this, it supports my belief if the power of attraction and when someone else believes in us it attracts more faith in ourselves. Great post. M

21 02 2011
athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.

You’re doing a wonderful job on your blog! Is today your birthday? Happy Birthday! On my blog I have a post about what birthdays mean.

22 02 2011
Papa Joe

Good luck Juls!

Happy Birthday. 🙂

– Papa Joe

25 02 2011

darn. just checking to see if you were back to posting. I really miss it. 😦

4 03 2011

Hello there! You have won an award. Come by to pick it up! 🙂

19 03 2011
Jaclyn Rae

I love your blog– you are truly wonderful 🙂

22 03 2011

Hi Juls,
Hope you do check in from time to time… 🙂
BTW, I have given you a Versatile Blogger award. Stop by to collect it! 🙂

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