Let the Party Begin!

13 04 2011

104 Days of 365 Days of Celebration

And I have finally reached my big 50!!!

Half a century of living this amazing dream that we call LIFE.

So today I am off to celebrate in style with lots of wonderful plans for the coming days to be shared with my treasured friends and family.

Another Cause for Celebration!

I’m also celebrating the launch of my new website Naked Dragon and I would love to hear your feedback. It has been a real labour of love and I am so looking forward to doing my bit to help promote those with an inspirational message to share with the world – through Naked Dragon’s programme of Talks, Workshops and Spiritual Events.

I am also offering free advertising to other promoters of mind, body, spirit events and those who run holistic businesses; so if you or anyone you know fits this bill, you might like to check out the listings page of the website.

Or for the FaceBook fans amongst you, there is the Naked Dragon FB page and I would be delighted if you choose to ‘Like’ me!

A Big Thank You

It has been a couple of months since I wrote my last post and even though I may have been out of sight, you have all been very much on my mind.

I have been reading your posts and following your stories whilst keeping a low profile and focusing on the many other exciting things going on my in life which have taken up my time and focus over the past few weeks.

If you are reading this post you must still be subscribing to my blog…and I thank you wholeheartedly for hanging on in there!

I promise to visit far more often from now on and to share more of my 365 Days of Celebration with you.

With much love and blessings to you all.

Juls xxx




Dream Teams

11 01 2011

Making a commitment to blog every day for 365 days is a huge undertaking for anyone and drumming up enthusiasm for the task on a daily basis can be a struggle at times.

Today WordPress are encouraging us to find ourselves a ‘blogging buddy’ which I think is a great way to keep us on track.

Only 11 days into the ‘Postaday2011’ challenge and I am already finding my resolve slipping as the novelty begins to wear off. Finding the time to write, let alone trying to decide what to write about, is becoming a very time-consuming and exhausting process.

Having to go through what feels like a ‘birthing process’ on a daily basis is a real test of my resolve and commitment. There seem to be a lot of distractions that claim my attention and I find myself doing anything except actually sitting down to write. Even the wonderful view from my desk is not always enough to inspire me and I end up gazing out of the window and day dreaming instead!


However, once I finally get motivated to write and post my blog, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. It feels even better when someone makes a kind comment on my blog. To know that people are taking a few minutes out of their busy lives to read my daily thoughts is a humbling experience and I am very grateful for this support.

The subject has got me thinking about the value of having a ‘dream team’ of supporters in our lives to encourage us to keep the faith when the going gets tough and to believe in us when we begin to doubt ourselves.

When I think about the wonderful people I have in my life, I realise that they are all very different and each adds a unique dimension to my life. Every one has a special gift to share and I feel very blessed to know if I need support in any area of my life, there is someone to whom I can turn who will understand this particular need.

In business I have been responsible for creating many teams of people with skills and experiences that complement and support the other members of the team. It is only as I write this blog that I have begun to recognise that I have subconsciously created my personal ‘dream team’ whose presence help to make my life so very special and rewarding.

Day 11 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate my wonderful ‘dream team’ and offer my gratitude for all the love, light and laughter that you continue to bring into my life. Thank you all x

Be Careful What You Wish For

10 01 2011

As a kid I was always dreaming of the life I wanted; the places I wanted to visit; the things I wanted to own; the house I wanted to live in and the lifestyle I wanted to create.

I wanted it all!

And in many ways, I have been blessed to experience all of these things….albeit not always in quite the way I’d imagined at the time.

Continuing the theme of dream cars from yesterday’s blog; long before I attracted my little red sports car into my life, I was dreaming about having a Mercedes Sports car delivered as a present for my forthcoming birthday. I was so immersed in this fantasy that I had even cut out pictures of my dream car and had listed all the details, right down to the model (SL500), the colour (navy blue) and the interior leather (cream).

The day before my birthday, I received a phone call from a friend whom I’d not seen for some time, inviting me out for dinner the following day. Waiting outside my house for him to collect me, I was totally gob smacked when he arrived in the exact same car that I had been dreaming about!

I was so amazed that I ran around the vehicle checking that the all the details were exactly as I’d imagined them to be. When I asked my friend why the car hadn’t arrived gift wrapped with a big ribbon, he looked at me as though I’d completely taken leave of my senses!

It was obvious that he didn’t believe me when I described my birthday wish to him. The only way I could convince him that I was telling the truth was by dragging him into the house to show him the pictures I had pasted on my notice board. Needless to say, he was as amazed as I had been; particularly by the accuracy of the details.

Picking up on my enthusiasm, he graciously allowed me to drive to the restaurant and I got to experience what it felt like to be driving what was my dream car at the time.

Needless to say, I absolutely loved the experience – and I learnt a very big lesson when it comes to placing an order with the universe because when I’d made my wish I had missed out one very important detail…

…and the universe had listened intently; delivering exactly what I’d asked for…spot on time…and right down to the last detail. I’d just forgotten to add that I wanted the car to be mine forever…not just for the night!

So be careful what you ask for as you might just get it!

Day 10 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I am celebrating the amazing power of the universe to deliver exactly what I’ve asked for, sometimes even before I’ve asked…now that is powerful!

It’s Not About the Money – It’s About the Experience!

9 01 2011

The pursuit of money for its own sake almost always means that we have been distracted from what it is that we really want.

It isn’t the money itself that we desire. It is the experience that having money will buy. Money is not an end in itself. It is energy and a means of exchange.

It enables us to feel an emotion. Whether this is relief from knowing that we can afford to pay this month’s rent, or seeing the joy on a child’s face when they tear open their presents on Christmas Day.

Ever since I was a young girl I’d had a vision of driving around town in a sporty little topless number! However, my funds didn’t run quite that far. In fact they were very limited and I had no idea how I was going to be able to afford any type of car, let alone my dream sports car.

I sat down and allowed myself to dream about what this car would mean to me. I connected with the emotion I wanted to feel from the actual driving experience and how I would feel sitting behind the wheel of my new car.

It sounds corny, but I wanted to experience the sun on my face and the wind blowing through my hair. I wanted to feel closer to the elements as I drove through the countryside. I wanted to experience the sense of freedom and the ‘on holiday’ feeling that only an open top car would give me.

Granted, a push bike would have met many of these needs, but it wouldn’t have been so handy when it came to the weekly supermarket shop!

I had learnt that the key to attracting our desires is to first love what we already have and to accept where we are in life right now. Then we can focus on creating positive emotion around whatever it is that we want to attract into our lives by concentrating on the desired experience.

Once I had identified the experience that I wanted and was feeling enough positive emotion around this desire, I trusted that the universe would step in to assist me.

Beginning my search through the ‘for sale’ ads in earnest, I quickly became despondent when I realised that my shortfall was at least £1,000 less than the money I required to purchase even the most basic older model of the car I wanted.

I was very disappointed as I had created an attachment to the experience and it was the dashing of these expectations that hurt, not so much the fact that I didn’t have enough money.

Even though I had made little progress in my search, I continued to hold onto my dream and carried on searching the market on the off-chance that someone was offering a ‘bargain’ in exchange for a quick sale. By holding onto my dream and not giving up, synchronicity eventually stepped in and led me to where I needed to go.

I had been looking through the ‘for sale’ ads for the umpteenth time and saw an advert for a little red sports car that I had seen advertised the previous week for £1,000 more. Thinking that the lower figure must have been a misprint, I gave the seller a call and he said that as he had a few cars to shift, he’d decided to reduce the price of this particular one by £1,000 for a quick sale!

I worked hard to contain my excitement in case the car turned out to be an old wreck, or that the seller was a con man with no qualms about disappearing with my savings. But I needn’t have worried, as turning into the driveway of the most beautiful house, the electric garage doors opened to reveal the gleaming red sports car of my dreams.

I was so excited I wanted to pinch myself. The car was at least 15 years old and yet it looked as though it had just come out of the car showroom.

 I could hardly believe my luck. I took her out for a test drive and just knew that she was ‘the one’.

We are still together and I love my little sports car as much today as the first day I saw her. I still get a real buzz whenever the sun is shining, knowing that I can put the roof down, turn the music up and feel the wind blowing through my hair!

Day 9 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate accepting who I am, enjoying where I’m at, and loving what I have!

Cluttered Life – Cluttered Mind

8 01 2011

One of the challenges of open plan living is the requirement to be ultra tidy and organised. When my surroundings are free of clutter and everything is in its place, my life just seems to flow. Like the beautiful river outside my window, I am free to follow the twists and turns of my life’s journey.

However, things can quickly and easily get out of flow. Just preparing a meal can cause chaos in such a small space. It never ceases to amaze me how the preparation of the simplest dish can create such a mess.

And mess is something that I cannot ignore, particularly as I am unable to close a door on it and pretend it isn’t there. Even if I could, the clutter would still be there and it would play on my mind until I cleared it up.

My home is so tiny that I have to be pretty disciplined to stay on top of any accumulating clutter otherwise my life very quickly becomes chaotic and out of control.

My previous work as a House Doctor involved working with home owners who were trying to sell their property. Their homes weren’t selling and they were getting desperate to know the reasons why.

There were usually a number of reasons why this was the case and I was able to help them to view their homes through the eyes of a prospective buyer. This process helped us to identify the key areas for improvement and with some simple, cost effective changes; their homes became much more appealing to their target market.

However; it quickly became apparent that very often the main reason why their property hadn’t sold wasn’t just because of the way it looked, but the way it felt. Despite their assurances to the contrary; on an unconscious level, they just weren’t emotionally ready to let go of their homes and move on.

Invariably this reluctance was manifesting in piles of clutter around the home giving me the first clue as to why their lives had begun to stagnate and their property was ‘stuck’ on the market. The clutter was not only putting off prospective buyers who were unable to see past the mess; it was also symbolic of their lack of commitment to making the next move. Often this reluctance was being fuelled by a fear of the future and of having to face letting go of memories and emotional attachment to their homes.

At this stage I became their ‘counsellor’ as we started working through these fears. Thankfully I had trained in this area many years ago and I was able to put my counselling/coaching skills to good use. Once we’d indentified the blocks and begun to work on releasing their fears, we could then begin physically removing the clutter; a very powerful and therapeutic process. By freeing up their physical space the ‘stuck energy’ around the home began to shift, their minds were free of clutter and they could begin visualising a happier future in a new home.

Once the internal and external clutter had shifted…’as within – so without’… positive energy began to flow again and a quick sale usually followed!

I had been through a similar process myself in 2005 and was able to relate to some of my clients’ fears. My life just wasn’t working at that time and I knew I had to make some big changes.  I knew the reasons why…I just didn’t know what to do…or how to do it. I’d been living in a very pretty country cottage for nearly ten years during which time I had collected piles and piles of ‘stuff’. My life was definitely ‘stuck’ – in all areas.

Then completely out of the blue, I was offered a job working for an interior design company based in the Middle East…and was given less than two weeks to sort my life out and get on a plane to Dubai where my new job, a different culture and a completely new life would be waiting for me. 14 days to clear out my home and say my goodbyes to friends and family was quite a tall order and looking back I don’t know how I did it in such a short space of time. My desire for change must have been even stronger than I had realised!

With no time to think about any resistance to letting go, I had what seemed like a split second to choose between accepting a great opportunity to do something different with my life or to remain stuck. With such a tight deadline, I decided to give away all but my most treasured possessions, moving these to my parent’s home for safe keeping. It was a crazy couple of weeks and I was exhausted by the time I got on that plane. But the overwhelming feeling was one of freedom and it felt wonderful to have cleared my life of the baggage and clutter that had held me back for years.

Eventually, the novelty of travelling light began to fade and after five years of moving house every few months, I felt the nesting instinct coming on again and I set the intention of attracting my little riverside pad. We all need balance in our lives and having a place to call ‘home’ gives us stability and a safe haven.

As I’d given away all my stuff when I began my Middle East odyssey, I was able to furnish my new home from scratch. In many ways this was a real blessing as I was able to buy just what I needed and to surround myself with objects that would bring me pleasure.

At my age it is rare to be able start again with a clean slate as invariably we carry around the ‘stuff’ we’ve accumulated from early adulthood. House to house; relationship to relationship; and very often generation to generation; no wonder we can feel bogged down with carrying so much baggage. There is certainly something very liberating about fresh starts and new beginnings.

Day 8 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate the joys of living an uncluttered life!


Follow Your Dreams

7 01 2011

When I began writing my blog a week ago, my intention was to find a different reason to celebrate life every day for the following 365 days.

I’ve noticed that as my writing is beginning to evolve, my blog appears to transforming into a diary of the lessons I’ve learnt over the past 50 years!

One of the most important lessons I have learnt is to value and hold onto my dreams, no matter how much others’ may doubt the likelihood of these coming true. I’ve also learnt to keep my own counsel and to hold my most precious dreams close to my heart.

I do have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve at times and sharing my dreams with other people in the past hasn’t always resulted in positive feedback. These dreams meant a great deal to me and by putting them ‘out there’, I subjecting them to others’ doubt, criticism and negativity which only served to diminish or tarnish them in some way.

Eighteen months ago I was living life as a bit of a nomad having recently returned from travelling around Asia, prior to which I had been living in the Middle East for the past three years. No longer having a permanent base in the UK, I was relying on friends and family to put a roof over my head.

As grateful as I was for their loving support, I was tired of living out of a suitcase and having no place to call ‘home’. Not sure which way to go next, I consulted a life coach with a view to helping me move forward.

It had always been my dream to live next to the river and this dream had become even stronger since my return to the UK. Stating my intention to realise my dream within the next six months, my coach asked how on earth I thought I was going to get from where I was (no home, no job, and no money) to where I wanted to go within such a short space of time and without the required resources.

I agreed that it was somewhat of a tall order and that all I had to work with was a powerful dream which was building in its intensity. I left my coaching session with a vision of where I wanted to go, but no map of how I was going to get there within the required timeframe.

The following day synchronicity stepped when I was introduced to lady who was looking for someone to house sit whilst her property was on the market. Knowing that the process was likely to take at least three months, I jumped at the chance of having a permanent base for the next few months whilst I got back on my feet.

Two days later, my coach called and asked whether I would be interested in a six month contract working for a company just a few miles away from my new place. I was delighted as in the space of two days; I had somewhere to live rent free and a new job with a regular income.

My journey to work each day took me along the river road and every morning I would slow the car down to gaze at the river and say a few words to reinforce my intention to be living there very soon.

The house sold pretty quickly and I had to move into shared accommodation for a short time. Even though I was working and saving money, I still had no idea how I was going to afford to realise my dream of living on the river as the more beautiful the location, the more expensive the rent was likely to be.

A few weeks later I was introduced to what seemed at first glance to be a glorified caravan park situated on the banks of the River Thames. It turned out to be a mobile home site, otherwise known as ‘residential park homes’.

Living in a ‘caravan’ certainly hadn’t been part of my vision; however, I agreed to take a look around on a very cold and blustery February morning accompanied by some friends for moral support.

Being ushered into a very sad, tired and run down little place with no heating and a smell of rising damp, my friend looked at me as though I’d completely taken leave of my senses to contemplate living in such conditions.

By this point however, I had spotted the river through the window and there was no turning back! The water was so close; it was like being on a houseboat. Without a shadow of doubt, I knew it was love at first sight!

I was so enamored; I didn’t really register the condition of the unit and the amount of work I would be taking on to make it habitable. I just sensed that it desperately needed some TLC (and major refurbishment) and that with enough time and patience, I would be able to create a beautiful little home.

Due to its poor condition, I was able to negotiate a good deal with the landlord as despite its amazing location he had been having trouble finding a tenant who was crazy enough to take on such a project.

Through a series of synchronicities, fuelled by the strength of my vision; six months ago what seemed like an impossible dream had now come true.

It’s nearly a year since I moved in and though it hasn’t been an easy journey, it has been worth the investment. I continue to be amazed at how everything came together in support of my dream and I’ve learnt that just because we don’t always know the ‘how’s’; with enough faith and belief in the power of our visions, any dream can come true.

Day 7 – 365 Days of Celebration


Today I celebrate the joy of living my dream!

Mouse Party

6 01 2011

So that's how he did it...entry by parachute...mystery solved!

I am the first to recognise the basic need for God’s creatures to create a place to call ‘home’.

A place where one can feel safe and supported away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Even so, I wish the brave little mouse had chosen to build its nest somewhere other than my cutlery drawer!

I know that we’ve just been through a cold spell and I understand that it was attracted towards the warmth; but please, next time could it find somewhere else to create its new home!

Weeks ago I had been awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of scratching. After dragging myself out of bed to examine the source of the noise, I couldn’t see how any creature could possibly have gained access into my home.

However, I was obviously discounting the ingenuity of the resilient little house mouse. After gnawing its way through one of the air vents, it had proceeded to find a way into my cutlery drawer where it nested comfortably during the Christmas period while the house was empty.

Even though I’ve been back for the past few days, I only discovered the evidence last night in the form of piles of little black droppings and finely chewed pieces of kitchen roll fashioned into a very soft and comfortable little bed nestled between the rolling pin and the can opener!

What intrigues me is how the mouse managed to get into the drawer in the first place as there is no obvious entry point. And how on earth did such a small creature manage to remove sheets of kitchen roll from its holder on the opposite side of the kitchen; carry the paper across the room and drag it up into the top drawer of the kitchen unit? 

There must have been quite a ‘Mouse Party’ going on here over Christmas, with lots of fetching and carrying by a cheeky little mouse with a great deal of focus and determination. Rather admirable in fact!

The only slight concern is how I missed seeing the clues as my cutlery drawer is in constant use. Does this mean that I have been stirring mouse droppings into my morning coffee for the past few days???

Clearing out the contents of my kitchen drawers in an effort to find the intruder, I found myself being slightly disappointed to find that my univited guest was no longer in residence.

I have to confess to having a fondness for the bravery of these furry little creatures. Over the years, I have saved many from the jaws… and claws…of some of our feline friends who think it great sport to terrorise these little souls to death.

I hope it enjoyed its fun filled Christmas and has now found a more suitable place to build a new nest to call ‘home’!

Day 6 – 365 Days of Celebration

Today I celebrate having the pleasure of somewhere that I can call ‘home’ after spending five unsettled years moving from place to place almost as frequently as my little furry friend. Home is certainly where the heart is.